For a bio-kinesiology appointment, please call 0680705778.

Bio Kinesiology® (Corinne Dewolf’s method) is a method adapted to all mammals, resulting from the regrouping and simplification of different techniques such as total biology, ethology, genealogy and cellular communication, which allow the meaning of the disease to be understood as a whole.

It is through the dysfunction that a solution can be found to release it, and, if necessary, to understand the meaning of the disease. 

By looking for the trauma and the energetic imbalance, crystallized at a moment of our past, Bio Kinesiology® allows awareness and transformation of the blockages. 


Our body never lies!… 


It is therefore through muscular testing that the therapist can access the cellular memories responsible for the blockages and defuse them. This allows us to regain our emotional, biological and behavioural balance by getting rid of these blockages for good. 


Bio Kinesiology® allows us to identify conflicts and where they belong, and to release negative information.

Price of the session



70 minutes

Recommended frequency

To be determined at each session; it is your body that tells us its rhythm.

Sessions are cash pay, and insurance is not accepted.