Talk and walk

How does it work?

It’s simple, we go for a one hour walk from my home, in a wonderful nature in the middle of the scrubland, walking side by side, at the same rhythm… Two walking companions who advance together.
We will be able to talk about private as well as professional matters.

Walking therapy is an alternative that is suitable for all age groups. Working the neurons in the open air helps you to think more clearly and creatively in the search for solutions!
The environment is neutral: neither your home nor mine sometimes makes you feel more comfortable.

Nature is good for us!

Health crisis, sedentary lifestyle, negative thoughts, anxiety, bad sleep and difficulties in taking a step back… Being in contact with nature helps to regulate emotions and regain a sense of well-being:

Trees, and natural bacteria, secrete a chemical substance that has a positive effect on our immune system, sleep and negative emotions (anxiety, reduced anger).
Negative ions: positively charged particles in the air are known for their energizing and refreshing effects.

Price of the session



60 minutes

Sessions are cash pay, and insurance is not accepted.

Book a session

You can make an appointment online below by choosing the time slot(s) you require and paying directly from my website in a secure environment.

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